Signage & Advertising

Signage and advertising ranges from a small board at your office door, to massive billboards at the side of the highway. Whatever you need to advertise, we are the signage experts who can help you.


Billboards include all large outdoor signage such as PVC banners; stretched onto a steel frame; Chromadek or ACM signs with frames and large 3D signage.  Billboards are usually located near highways and busy roads to ensure maximum visibility and exposure.

We also have 4 mini billboard structures around the Kathu area which host a number of small signage boards of different companies.

3D Signs

We design and supply 3D signs, such as 3D ACM cut-out lettering and cut-out ACM letters on stand-off pins.

3D signs are ideal for the client that seeks something else. In addition, this option ensures a polished corporate feel that can be installed both inside and outdoors.


Pylon signs are freestanding single or double sided structures. In addition, it can be LED illuminated. Pylons are the ultimate signage option and insure maximum visibility for your company.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are wall mounted 3D perspex boxes with LED light backing to give an illuminated finish. The lightbox usually consists of digitally printed translucent graphics, applied to a perspex face and then illuminated.

Furthermore light boxes can be installed indoors and outdoors and is favoured by storeowners as it draws attention.

Perspex Signs

Vinyl decals are applied to a clear or coloured perspex/plexiglass sheet and mounted onto a wall with stand-off aluminium pins. This provides a clean and modern corporate look.

As a result, perspex signs are used indoors and are the perfect for corporate offices.

Chromadek, PVC & ACM Signs

Chromadek signs are made of digitally printed vinyl that is applied onto a Chromadek sheet with an available option to laminate the sign. Lamination can either be a transparent vinyl or a special lamination liquid. Similarly this is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 


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