Office and Home

Add that personal touch to your home and office with custom window branding, wallpaper and vinyl decals.

Window Branding

Window branding includes vinyl, Contravision, Tinting and Sandblast Vinyl. Some of these options can be printed or used in combination to offer a great solution to a customized storefront.


When we think of wallpaper we think of the terrible floral prints all over the guest room in Grandma’s home. However,  wait till you see what we can do with wallpaper.

First of all we offer custom printed wallpaper and also do the installation. Any picture, pattern or colour can be printed onto the wallpaper. You can even print a photo of Grandma onto the wallpaper. Websites like Shutterstock provide high quality pictures that are ideal for wallpaper. And this is not only for home use. As a result, the interiors of offices and restaurants give a great atmosphere if one wall is covered in wallpaper that ties in the rest of the decor. 

Vinyl Cut-outs

Vinyl decals can add a personal and creative touch to any room. These are fully customizable and are not permanent, which means when you get bored you can swap them out for something else consequently.


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